Steam Cleaning Methods To Make Your Ceramic Tile Sparkle Bright

Sat 08 July 2017

Steam cleaning has now become hugely popular owing to its effective cleaning attributes. It uses vaporized water at 200 degrees Fahrenheit to clean different surfaces. It is thus an ideal choice for both industrial and domestic settings. The effective ways by which you can use a steam cleaner to clean your ceramic tiles is prescribed in this site. The portals of provide information on different utility products after conducting detailed reviews. Read through the post to gain a better insight on steam cleaning.

Knowing the benefits

When you use a steam cleaner to clean the walls and floor with ceramic tiles, you can clear the sticky residues easily. It is a better choice when compared to the traditional floor cleaners. The steam helps in disinfecting as well as cleaning the surface. Sometimes, harsh chemicals used for cleaning can damage the ceramic tiles. But, steam cleaning protects your skin from contact with hazardous chemicals as well as prevents harm to the surface. The hot steam cleans even the smaller crevices and cracks. It blasts the dirt out, which a regular mop cannot perform.

Steps to clean the ceramic floors and walls

Begin with a dusting procedure. Use a broom to sweep the floor. It can catch hold of larger debris. Then use a dust rag to wipe the walls. This method can remove cobwebs accumulated in the ends and corners. Now the steam cleaner can be brought to use. The water tank in the steam cleaner must be filled with enough distilled water. Make sure to remove the fill cap before filling and replace it once you are done. Different types of steam cleaners have the tanks attached differently. In a few models, it comes with a separate container in few others it is connected to the handle. Never add additional cleaning chemicals to the tank.

Take the microfiber cloth and attach it to the head of the steam cleaner. Make use of the latch and hook strips to fix the fabric. A few other models use an elastic feature to be attached. The steam cleaner can now be plugged into the power outlet. Switch on the button in your unit. A few steam cleaners have an automatic start when connected to the source of energy. You can begin using once the water gets heated up. A few steam cleaners require only 30 seconds while a few others take quite a few minutes to heat. Squeeze the trigger or pump the handle to release steam from your steam cleaner. The steam comes out the microfiber cloth.

Now rotate the head of the steam cleaner back and forth to clean the floor. To clean the walls, unplug the cleaner and change the attachment and the microfiber cloth. Plug it back again. Clean the walls by moving the attachment. After washing, use a good cloth to wipe away the hard water deposits and soap scum. Now unplug the cleaner and take away the microfiber cloth. Allow the ceramic tiles on the floor and walls to dry. The time required for drying is shorter as steam is used instead of water. Thus, using a steam cleaner saves a lot of time and produces better results.


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